Bounce House Rentals
in Lehigh Acres Florida



4-in-1 Combo

Bounce Houses

Reg Price - $239 / Day

SALE - $199 / Day

Large - $129 / Day

SALE - $99 / Day

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Extra Large or Bounce
House w/ Basketball Hoop
$139 / Day

SALE - $109 / Day

Serving Lehigh Acres & surrounding areas!

Bounce House Rentals in Lehigh Acres FL

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We are badge certified and
are authorized to work in
all Florida Public Schools.
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Bounce House Rentals
in Lehigh Acres FL

Bouncy House Rentals in Ft Myers FL has seen an increase
in rentals for customers purchasing bounce house rentals in Lehigh Acres FL and it must be because they enjoy watching their kids as they play in the colorful character and themed bounce houses. Kids always have a terrific time playing with friends in our bouncers because there is plenty of bouncing room in each unit so that they can share in the fun with kids at the party while adults watch from outside. The mesh openings allow for easy viewing and for plenty of fresh air to pass through to the inside of the houses. Kids are especially thrilled to know that we have Batman, Spider-Man & Disney Princesses. Our themed bouncers include Monster Trucks, Congrats Grads & Happy Birthday, just to name a few.

Bounce House Rentals in Lehigh Acres are also bouncing
off the shelf because of the low rental prices and the full day rentals that our company offers when others in the area only give customers a few hours of rental time. Our customers also appreciate that we inspect each unit before the party date and clean and sanitize them too. We accommodate them with long customer service hours and knowledgeable, friendly staff. Bounce houses are perfect for kid parties of every kind including birthday parties, graduations, family reunions and block parties. The fun colors are a big draw for kids and adults have peace
of mind that the kids are happy and they know they will spend many hours bouncing in the bounce house and staying out of mischief.

Our customers typically refer others to us because they have had good experiences renting inflatable units from us and the increase in bounce house rentals in Lehigh Acres are proof that word-of-mouth is spreading about our company. We appreciate all the excellent feedback and will continue to deserve our customer’s praises. Give us a call and we will discuss your next party with you. Discover what great character bounce houses are in our inventory and pick the one your child will love to see on their front yard on their special day.


Happy Birthday

Bouncy Castle

Disney Princess

Bouncy Castle

Congrats Grads

Bouncy Castle

Ninja Turtles

Bouncy Castle

Mickey Mouse

Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castle


Black Panther



Paw Patrol

& more!

Monster Trucks

Bouncy Castle

Cleanest & Safest in 
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